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      Scouts put their skills to the test

      Fun with a purpose; it's how Scouts spent their time at Little Bay de Noc Campgrounds in Rapid River on Saturday.

      The time there focused on harnessing problem solving skills and teamwork.

      ??We learned first aid and what to do if you had a puncture wound,?? said Malachi Dick, a Scout with the Slender Dragons. ??The victim had an arrow in his arm, so we had to secure the arrow.??

      Scouts had to find solutions to several situations that not only tested themselves, but their ability to work together.

      ??We had to move a bucket of water around without tripping or falling,?? explained 15-year-old Camron Pastor, with the Flower Patrol.

      But the Patrols did it blindfolded and relied on one teammate to navigate.

      While Saturday's scenarios aren't real, the boys understand the lessons learned are.