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      Scuba diver dead after incident at Isle Royale National Park

      One scuba diver is dead after an incident at the Isle Royale National Park that happened on Saturday.

      According to park officials, 55-year-old Lloyd Krohn of Wyoming, Minnesota was diving at the KAMLOOPS Shipwreck with two other divers at around 11 a.m. when he began experiencing an unknown issue.

      The divers had reached their target depth when they noticed that Krohn was having an issue. They attempted to assist him, but had to send him to the surface alone after he became unconscious.

      The boat crew located him and brought him aboard, according to park officials. Park rangers responded to the scene, but Krohn was not breathing and pronounced dead.

      "We are deeply saddened by this scuba accident," said Park Superintendent Phyllis Green. "Divers understand the risks involved in diving at such extreme depths, but accidents can happen. We will do a thorough examination of the accident and review operations at the site before opening it to further recreational diving."

      The KAMLOOPS shipwreck area has been temporarily closed to diving. The shipwreck is considered an expert dive and is 200 feet below the surface. The Canadian freighter sunk in December of 1927 and was discovered in 1977.