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      Seafood Fest is changing

      This year's Seafood Fest at the Lower Harbor in Marquette, August 23-25, is going to be different from past years.

      No longer will it be a three-day event, free and open to the public, or even a two-day free event, as it was last year. Instead, the Marquette West Rotary, which has put on the Seafoood Fest for the last 29 years, is offering up a seafood and steak gala the first evening. That's Thursday, and the tickets are already sold out.

      The second evening will feature a concert by the Pink Floyd tribute band, "Project Pink". Tickets for the concert will cost $18 in advance, $20 at the concert, itself.

      And the third day, Saturday, August 25, will be an open event, free to the public, just as it has been in the past.

      So why the change in format?

      "A three-day event has been a lot of work for us," explains Seafood Fest co-chairman Christine Pesola, "and frankly, profits were just getting smaller. All of our volunteers were working extremely hard and putting in a lot of hours, and we just weren't making a lot of money."

      All the profits from the Seafood Fest are donated to non-profit organizations in the area. The Marquette West Rotary has raised more than a half million dollars from the Seafood Fest over the years.

      Last year was the first year for the gala dinner and auction, and it was a major success. This year, the club is changing things up again.

      "We decided to come up with something new to generate excitement about the event," Pesola says. "Gale Lajoie, who's partnering with us on the Friday night concert, saw "Project Pink" in Green Bay and said they were phenomenal. They have a laser light show. We think people are going to get excited about this."

      Pesola hopes this will be the start of something big for the Marquette West Rotary and for Marquette.

      Advance tickets to the Friday concert are available at . You can also buy them at the Superior Dome. Children ten and under cost $10. You can take a look at Project Pink in concert by clicking here .

      Saturday's event, open to the public, runs from noon until 10 p.m.