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      Second day of trial for the Subway robberies

      Tuesday was the second and final day in the bench trial of the man allegedly involved in the robbery of two Escanaba Subway restaurants. The incidents took place December 2012.

      Brook Grzelak, 52, is facing two counts of breaking and entering, two of safe breaking, and one count of possession of burglary tools. Each safe breaking charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

      Michigan State Police officials said one pair of gloves found in Grzelak??s vehicle had particles on them that resembled those from the scene. The gloves also looked like those worn by the burglar seen in the surveillance footage.

      Fibers, similar to those that makeup the gloves in question, were also found on the grinder blades.

      During the trial, Grzelak represented himself.

      He noted, those fibers would have also matched any other gloves of the same brand and style.

      Tomorrow, Judge Davis will give his ruling on the Grzelak trial at 3:00 p.m.