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      Secrets of the tombstones

      The rich history of some of Marquette's well-known citizens was shared /thursday night during a peaceful walk.

      The Marquette Regional History Center led the Eighth Annual Cemetery Walk at the Holy Cross Cemetery in Marquette.

      Holy Cross is the burial site for a number of Marquette's first French-Canadian, Irish, German, and Italian residents, as well as Catholic clergy and nuns. Many of the tombstones are very old, some dating back to the 1860s.

      "I think everyone has an interesting story to tell. And if you were to ask them, they'd say, 'Well, my ancestor did this, and my relative did this,' and it gives us a chance to meet with people and say, why don't you share your story with us?" said Rosemary Michelin, Librarian for the Marquette Regional History Center.

      Although the walk was well attended, the group did, unfortunately, get rained out.

      More cemetery walks at other cemeteries will take place this summer.

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