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      Sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic back pain

      The American Chiropractic Association reported that in 2013, back pain was one of the leading causes for patients seeking emergency medical attention.

      According to the organization, billions of health care dollars are also spent treating people with chronic back pain.

      Active Physical Therapy in Marquette is a practice devoted to helping their clients permanently alleviate aches, pains and chronic back pain through an active system of physical therapy involving aquatic exercise, strength training and massage therapy.

      Dr. Kipp Hartman of Active Physical Therapy says living a stagnant lifestyle can lead to chronic pain, but there are ways to prevent the problem.

      "It's important to get out and be active in addition to a sedentary lifestyle. Cultures that typically sit in chairs have degenerative disc disease; cultures that don't sit in chairs, don't have Lumbar disc disease," says Dr. Hartman.

      Active physical therapy has two locations: one in Ishpeming and in Marquette.