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      Selfless students give money to families in need

      (From left to right) Doug Etelamaki, Allison Koskinen, Amanda Dufek, Stacey Davis

      The L'Anse senior class has been raising money all year to pay for prom, parties, and picnics.

      At the end of the school year, they had quite a bit of money left over, leaving them with the decision to figure out how to use it.

      â??We didn't know what to do with it except to put it to Lock-In for ourselves, but I didn't think that was a really good idea,â?? said senior Amanda Dufek.

      So, they came up with a better idea: give the money to two families in need.

      The class took a vote and, within a week, decided to split the money in half to give $1,250 to Stacey Davis, a woman battling colon cancer, and the family of Brody Etelamaki, a three-year-old recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.

      Doug Etelamaki, Brody's father, says the money is a huge help in medical expenses.

      â??Medical bills, transportation for my wife--she's in Texas--to rent a car, possibly, or stuff like medication for Brody,â?? explained Etelamaki. â??My wife and I couldn't believe it.â??

      Even though the students had other options in which to spend the money, like donating it to the school or using it for themselves, they wanted to do something more helpful to their community.

      â??I would just go home and cry because I'd be so excited that we were doing something else besides using it for ourselves, and I'm glad it went through,â?? Dufek said. â??I'm really happy.â??

      â??It just shows the stature of these kids; how they think of a little boy with cancer instead of doing something else with the money,â?? Etelamaki said. â??It's unbelievable!â??