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      Selling old bikes while helping the Superiorland Ski Club

      Now is the perfect time to be thinking about summer activities. Saturday at the National Guard Armory in Marquette, the Superiorland Ski Club held their annual bike and kayak swap.

      Sportsmen brought in their bikes, kayaks, and accessories that they didn't want any more so that they could be sold at the swap. 20 percent of the sales went back to the ski club to fund their youth programs.

      "We get kids out on skis and they can start young with our ski cat program and they go on up on the prep team and then they're skiing and they can feed into higher programs after that," said Kathy Wright of the Superiorland Ski Club.

      There were more bikes than anything at the swap, that included bikes for all ages and skill levels.

      The Superiorland Ski Club has been holding the swap as a fundraiser for just under 10 years now.