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      Semco hopes to serve Keweenaw residents

      Semco Natural Gas is looking to serve homes and businesses in Keweenaw County.

      The specific areas that would receive Semco services would be Phillipsville, Allouez, New Allouez, Ahmeek Village, Ahmeek, Copper City, Mohawk, and Fulton.

      The project requires 300 applications to be filled out and sent in to the Semco station in Negaunee.

      So far, they have around 60 applications, and the due date is Friday, May 3rd.

      Semco is urging Keweenaw residents to get in their applications, or the project won't happen.

      "We're looking to connect about half the houses there. That would be about 300 and a few businesses, too. It takes that many to make the project something we can do, and make it affordable. If we had fewer than that, it would cost more per house to do, so I think we have a good project size, as long as we connect that many people we'll be ready to go," said Semco Marketing and Key Account Executive David McCowen.

      Semco says they believe Keweenaw residents haven't sent in their applications because of snow.

      Many cannot get around their houses to check where a meter would go, which is something to state on the application.

      Semco says if this is the case, residents should still fill out the application, and write a note saying the meter space will be determined when the snow melts.

      That way, the project will still go through.