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      Semi driver in court, accused of killing elderly couple

      Harley Durocher appeared in court today with his attorney for a preliminary exam

      The driver of a semi-truck that killed two people in a traffic crash was in court on Monday.

      Thomas Swift and his wife, Barbara, 73-year-old residents from Escanaba, died in the crash this past March.

      Twenty-four-year-old Harley Durocher appeared with his attorney in Delta County District Court. During Monday's court hearing, the prosecutor called on witnesses to testifie about what they saw and heard that day.

      The crash occurred on US-2/US-41 and South Hill Road in Gladstone. The first witness said the green light at the intersection turned too quickly for a rig to respond fast enough.

      "It reminded me of a cross traffic light where there's time enough for two, at most three, vehicles to get through before the transition of that light," said mechanic Ryan Larsen.

      The mechanic for the owner of truck involved in the accident testified that when Durocher realized he was going through the red light, he sounded the horn and applied the brakes. He said Durocher was not using a cell phone or in any way distracted from operating the truck properly.