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      Sen. Stabenow visits Houghton, commends local business

      United States Senator Debbie Stabenow paid a visit to GS Engineering in Houghton on Friday.

      The business supports commercial and military markets. Senator Stabenow talked about their recent success and participation in the Small Business Innovation Research Program. The program is run on a federal level, and it allows companies like GS E ngineering to compete against bigger businesses and contribute to research projects.

      Senator Stabenow also said the economy is showing signs of a comeback.

      "People have sacrificed a lot to be able to turn around our industries, but we're coming back, and we've got new ideas like we're talking about here. We have the engineering, the manufacturing capability, and we've got the entrepreneurs," said Stabenow.

      Senator Stabenow also talked about Michigan being the "hotbed of activity" and how this summer, the first patent office outside of Washington, D.C. will open in Michigan. She said it's because of the high amount of creative ideas and inventions coming from the state.