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      Senate shoots down gun control measure

      A move for stricter gun control was rejected by the U.S. Senate, falling short by six votes.

      The amendment pushed for bans on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines and expanded gun background checks to gun sales online and at gun shows.

      "A few minutes ago, a minority in the United States Senate decided it wasn't worth it," said President Barack Obama, obviously irritated over the decision. "They blocked common-sense gun reforms even while these families looked on from the Senate gallery."

      However, Ishpeming resident and hunter, Michael Malette, is happy it didn't pass. "I think we have enough laws as it is on regulating guns," insists Malette. "We don't need more."

      Other residents say an amendment may not matter because the weapons are already out there and add if someone wants a gun, they can find ways to get one.

      "Itâ??ll help to a certain extent, but then again, you're still going to have the gray area there," says Christopher Planck, a resident of Paradise, Michigan.

      President Barack Obama and other gun control supporters say they may have lost the battle but not the war.

      "Our hearts are broken, our spirit is notâ?|we'll return home now, disappointed, but not defeated," said Mark Barden, father of a Newtown victim.