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      Senator Carl Levin visits Rock

      The Tri Township Fire Board presented Senator Levin with a T-shirt with the Firefighter's Prayer on it for his help in acquiring the grants.

      U.S. Senator Carl Levin made his way to Upper Michigan Saturday.

      One of his stops was in Rock. The community welcomed him and showed off their new fire equipment. The democrat has been helping the Tri Township Fire Department earn grant money from FEMA for ten years. Through many letters of support, Senator Levin helped the department receive about $270,000 in grant money, which has been used to buy things like the Rock area's first Jaws of Life and a brand new fire truck.

      "Lives are at stake here. The ability to pump water here more quickly, to get water into that truck in a few minutes instead of much longer... We're going to save lives with this equipment," said Senator Levin.

      Senator Levin is the longest serving state senator in Michigan's history. He is planning to retire in less than two years.