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      Senator Casperson holds forum on beach grooming laws

      State Senator Tom Casperson held a series of public meetings Friday about a recent Great Lakes Beach Grooming law.

      Governor Rick Snyder signed into law a measure allowing beach-front property owners on the Great Lakes to groom their property without a state permit. The meetings kicked off early at the Hampton Inn in Marquette, followed by Manistique and Delta County. Prior to July 2, beach owners were not allowed to level sand and remove vegetation and debris along the shorelines.

      Lakefront vegetation has been an issue since water levels receded in the 1990s, exposing more lake bottom.

      "I believe some of the problem of the invasive species and the growth of it is the lack of beach grooming because people have been concerned about what they can and cannot do with their beaches," said Casperson.

      "We're working and coordinating with a lot of local officials to make sure that we go after the phragmites and invasive species and get our beaches cleaned up."

      There are still some limitations on obtaining a permit. For more information, visit the Save Our Shorline website.