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      Sending U.P. veterans to Washington, D.C.

      Members of the Upper Peninsula Honor Flight are pushing to reach a $70,000 goal that will help them send U.P. veterans to Washington, D.C.

      This Saturday, the group will hold a fund-raiser at Ludington Park in Escanaba called Fund-a-Vet.

      There will be a 5K run and an auction that includes a knife from Bark River Knives and a football with transferred signatures from the Green Bay Packers staff and team.

      The funds will help U.P. veterans fly to visit the memorials in D.C.

      "Well, we're still fairly new since we just started in April," said Ashley LaPorte of the U.P. Honor Flight. "But we have a really strong start. I think the biggest thing is that we're looking for the funds at this time. We have a lot of the plans and ideas in place. We just need the funds to do it."

      The Honor Flight is scheduled to take off sometime in late September.