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      Seney fire almost out

      The Seney Wildfire is approximately 3400 acres and now 95 percent contained. Firefighters are still patrolling the area and looking for flare-ups, but overall, the fire is dying down according to the Seney Wildlife Refuge staff. Some crews are being dismissed from the scene the more the fire is contained. As for the wildlife, the refuge says firefighters have seen animals returning to the burned areas.

      "I think people should think of it in the big picture. Fire and wildlife and habitat have been interacting for a long, long time, and change is a natural process. So there will be some individual losses, but in the big picture, the habitat is not destroyed," said Seney Refuge staffer, Jennifer McDonough.

      The wildfire did not destroy any structures. Seney Wildlife Refuge staff says they most likely would have used the area as a burn unit for a prescribed fire.