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      Senior Center to have a new home?

      The Marquette Senior Center could soon be picking up its roots from Spring Street and move to a new location. The Marquette Senior Center has served the community here for many years. It hasn't been renovated since the 1970s and now it may be moving to a new home at Lakeview Arena.

      Snowberry Heights resident and senior citizen Joanne McCreary said, "That's way out there. Everything's going out north. Let's keep something here in this part of town for people. I probably wouldn't be going over there."

      Fellow Snowberry resident and senior citizen Kathryn Brugman said, "If renovations need to be done, just spruce it up a bit. But it's a convenient location."

      Kathryn and Joanne are not big fans of the potential move. But according to the city officials, the building has become outdated and is in need of a great amount of repair.

      Assistan City Manager Karl Zueger said, "The infrastructure itself is somewhat inadequate, that's existing, and really it was sort of morphed out of space that was available at the time."

      Discussion of renovation or relocation of the Senior Center has been in the works for about a year.

      Limited parking and poor accessibility are two of the biggest issues present with the current building.

      Chairman of the Marquette Senior Task Force, Stanton Bigham, said, "The best option would be the Lakeview Arena, because it's already owned by the city, it has almost the same footprint with some expansion in there. We could make it a pretty nice Senior Center."

      Members of the Task Force say relocating the Marquette Senior Center will help them continue to provide quality activities for their visitors. However, the move isn't definite.

      With the Senior Center in desperate need of renovation or relocation, the City Hall officials hope to discuss the matter more this February.