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      Seniors celebrate prom

      It's a very special night for everyone on the dance floor because it's Senior Prom.For the past several years, seniors have gathered once a week at the White House Inn to dance the night away."The socialization definitely, they come here and have so much fun just socializing with each other, laughing, dancing. It's just a good time," said a waitress at the White House Inn, Michelle Marley.Those in attendance say it's good to see familiar faces and this gathering is extra special because this year they're announcing Prom King and Queen."The winners of the King and Queen contest are Eddie and Shirley," said owner of White House Inn, Jim Berryman."You know, it's really humbling. It really is," said Eddie Grampo.

      "Well, I think everyone is dressed here so nice that everyone should be King and Queen," said Shirley Grampo.Tonight's King, Eddie Grampo, was the one who started calling this event Senior Prom because he says hardly anyone attending the prom is under the age of 70. But age isn't keeping any of these seniors from enjoying the night and spending most of their time on the dance floor."We provide some good entertainment for them, they have a bit of fun, and I get a kick out of watching them have fun,â?? Berryman said.Even though there wonâ??t be another crowning for Prom King and Queen until next year, the White House Inn says everyone is more than welcome to come out and enjoy the live band every Sunday night. The fun starts at 6 p.m.