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      Seniors dance New Year's Day away

      Many of us celebrated New Year's Monday night, but some people did things differently this year.

      The Senior Center in Iron Mountain kicked off their New Year's celebration early Tuesday. Close to 80 residents attended the party and danced the day away.

      Organizers say they used to have the event on New Year's Eve, but it was becoming difficult for all the seniors to attend.

      "To come out New Year's Eve was getting kind of a hassle because a lot of them want to go to bed at night, so this way everybody can come out for the daytime and have a great time," explains organizer Jeanette Gendron. "First they all frowned on it; now they just love it."

      The senior center began hosting dances six years ago and have two a month.

      Organizers invite anyone of all ages to attend.