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      Seniors enjoy block party

      The Bluff's in H oughton is celebrating seniors by offering a block party.

      This is the very first year for the event, and seniors from all over the community were invited. Seniors enjoyed live music from the Country Drifters, and they even got a chance to spend some time with dogs and pet ferrets from the Copper Country Critters. Vendors were also there, and some seniors got their eye glasses adjusted and hearing aids cleaned.

      Some even opted for a nice back massage.

      "I think it's important to recognize seniors, and I don't think all of them are aware of what's available in the town, especially what we have here at the Bluff's because it's not just for our residents, it's for everyone. We have monthly blood pressure checks, hearing aid checks, different things," said Katie Kioski, the activities director.

      The Bluff's say they plan on having another block party for seniors to enjoy next year.