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      Seniors have a say about Social Security

      Senior citizens came out to the Peter White Public Library in Marquette Tuesday morning to learn more about the future of Medicare and Social Security.

      The You've Earned a Say public session is provided by AARP. They talked about what some problems are with Medicare and Social Security, which is expected to run out of funds by 2035. The goal of the session is to gauge the public opinion on how they think those issues should be fixed.

      "Seniors should feel confident that they're going to get their benefits that they've paid into the program that's fully funded, and they will enjoy those benefits, but what do we do for the future, and that's the discussion we're having," said Michigan AARP President Robert Kolt.

      During the session, seniors were asked to fill out a survey which will be reported to Washington. On Wednesday, they'll hold another session to talk about the health care program.