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      Sequestration cuts and veterans

      With the recent sequestration cuts earlier this month, government agencies may be feeling a pinch.

      There have been some misconceptions, however, with Veterans Affairs and how the sequestration affects them.

      The sequestration cuts will affect spending for various domestic and defense agencies, but the cuts may have led some to believe the Department of Veterans Affairs would experience the same cuts as well.

      The VA has made it clear, however, that they are exempt from the cuts.

      "The Office of Management and Budget in Washington has made it clear that the Department of Veterans Affairs is exempt from the sequestration and this includes our VA health care, benefits, and administrative expenses," said Public Affairs Officer Brad Nelson.

      The VA offers benefits and services to eligible veterans of U.S. military service and their dependents. The sequestration initiated cuts to the Defense Department and other domestic services, such as national parks, housing aid and even the FBI.