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      Setting up the FinnFest tori

      Over 3000 people have registered for FinnFest.

      The hotspot many of those people are likely to gravitate toward is the tori in the Student Development Complex at Michigan Tech.

      Booths are being readied for the thousands of people that will start coming through Wednesday afternoon. Some booths are run by local businesses.

      â??Even though weâ??re only in Hancock, thereâ??s a lot of planning on what we should leave in Hancock at our store and what we should bring over to Houghton,â?? said April Stevens from North Wind Books.

      Others traveled great distances to come to the tori.

      â??This is a brand new piece of machinery that came in two weeks ago, and we had to do some prep work to it and obviously make sure everything is clean and presentable,â?? said Mike Warwick from Ponsse North America, a company from Wisconsin, based out of Finland.

      The SDC may tell a different story after everything it put together, but behind the scenes, there are always some challenges to overcome.

      â??Getting it here,â?? Warwick said. â??You know, getting a trucking company and make sure we had everything lined up. We had to make sure of power lines and that stuff for the equipment because it is tall, and then just making sure we had everything properly set up.â??

      â??We have so many things that are Finnish-related, Finlandia-related, Suomi-related, that itâ??s just difficult to know what people will want,â?? Stevens added.

      After things are set up and running smoothly, even the tori workers plan to take advantage of the festivities.

      â??This will be my first FinnFest, so itâ??d be nice to be here to see everything and to see all the other products and things that are made in Finland,â?? Warwick said. â??So, itâ??ll be nice to see that.â??