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      Seussical back at Kaufman Auditorium

      The ever popular Dr. Seuss book series is coming to life at the Kaufman Auditorium as the Lake Superior Youth Theater presents Seussical Jr. the musical.

      Seussical Jr. the musical combines eleven of the Doctor Seuss's books into one production. It starts when Jojo, a little boy, thinks up a world of Whos. He thinks of one story after the next and then it all comes to life, starting with Cat in the Hat to Horton Hears a Who.

      "He's the one character that can relate with Jojo because both of them are dreamers and set apart from the rest of their worlds that they're in," said Andrew Vanwelsenaers, actor playing Horton.

      As each story unfolds, the musical features many favorite characters like Cat, Thing1 Thing2, and Gertrude McFuzz, a one feather tailed bird, who is in love with Horton the elephant. Gertrude tries endlessly to get Horton to notice her.

      "So the whole play she's kind of following him around, just super sad, trying to be noticed and she's not. She's probably the saddest character, but it ends up that she's the happiest in the end," said Mallory Grugin, actress playing Gertrude McFuzz.

      This is the second time the Lake Superior Youth Theater puts on the musical, but this time around there are a few surprises. There are more technical elements, fast paced dances and aerial artists.

      "I'm on during the circus. We're climbing up and we do a bunch of flips and foot knots and go into cocoons and stuff. It's been tough; it's a lot of hard work going on silks. It looks like it's pretty easy, but it's pretty hard," said Benjahmen Veres, actor playing Wickersham Brother.

      So, if you want to see this over-the-top, inspiring production, it's happening January 24-26 at the Kaufman Auditorium and tickets for adults are $14 and for kids, $8.

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