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      Seussical the Musical comes to the Calumet Theatre

      The Calumet Players are at it again with a sure-to-please show at the Calumet Theatre this weekend.

      Itâ??s â??Seussical the Musical,â?? featuring the Whos, and Horton, the Cat in the Hat, and Gertrude McFuzz, too.

      â??All Dr. Seuss stories combined into a musical, very cleverly,â?? said directory Mike Aubin. â??All familiar characters, and a wonderful story has been written to get all of these characters together.â??

      Since the start of July, the cast and crew have worked hard to get their lines right and their notes hit the bar.

      The Cat in the Hat, Erin Goodman, said she believes Seussâ?? stories let the mind wander free.

      â??Itâ??s all about thinking and using the imagination,â?? said Goodman. â??Itâ??s a lot of fun, very colorful. Itâ??s fun to come up with your own character.â??

      September 13 and 14 and 19 through 21, hear the sing-song Seuss stories the cast has rehearsed. For just $15.50, itâ??s a show young and old can both join along as the stories are retold.

      â??The music is very uplifting,â?? Aubin said. â??Itâ??s very, very colorful, so I think everyone would find something that they enjoy.â??

      â??Every age loves Dr Seuss,â?? Goodman added. â??I feel like the older generation loves them. Theyâ??ve read them, and they read them to their kids, and itâ??s something thatâ??s going to be read through the years. They all have wonderful morals to every story.â??

      Each show is at 7:30 p.m. For ticket information, call the Theatre box office at (906) 337-2610.