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      Seven drug related arrests in Menominee

      The Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team, along with the Menominee City Police Department, arrested four people on heroin charges in Menominee on Tuesday.

      One of the four suspects led police on a foot chase, but he was stopped and apprehended at a second residence. Three additional suspects were arrested as well.

      As detectives were conducting surveillance of another house, they noticed two suspects exit and complete a drug transaction out of a truck in an alley. When authorities converged on the vehicle, the truck backed up quickly, nearly hitting an officer.

      The truck then crashed into an undercover car, sped from the scene, nearly hitting two more vehicles. The truck was later stopped by Menominee Police vehicles. The suspects in the vehicle had thrown 16 Suboxone pills from the truck, according to police.

      The driver of the truck was arrested for felonious assault, driving with a suspended license, and a probation violation. The passenger, a pregnant woman, was taken to a local hospital by ambulance.

      UPSET then conducted a joint search warrant of a home in Menominee with the Marinette, Wisconsin Drug Team. A man and a woman occupant of the home were arrested for heroin delivery, as both teams had narcotics transactions at that residence.

      Marinette had a recent fatal drug overdose at that location. A man ingested some of the heroin upon entry into the home and was taken to the local hospital by ambulance after being lodged in jail.