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      Seven lives saved from a woman's tragic death

      A young woman who spent her life helping others is continuing to do so, even after her tragic death.

      "â??God I give you my child so she may help many great people for we are all your children,â??" said Alycia Davidson, a registered nurse at Marquette General Hospital, repeating the final words from Sanaz Nezamiâ??s father.

      "We almost just burst into tears," Davidson added.

      Nezami, 27, moved from her home in Iran to America to add to her already bright future. She enrolled in Michigan Tech in pursuit of a PhD. But her dream of furthering her education was cut short after an alleged assault by her husband, Nima Nassiri, left her brain dead.

      "The sister called us back and kept asking, â??Can we see her?â??" said Cherylnn Erickson, another RN at MGH.

      Four nurses at Marquette General were there for Nezami until she took her final breaths. Not only did they help her family in Iran see their daughter through video chat on Yahoo Messenger but even answered their requests to console her.

      "We would stroke her hair, kiss her forehead," explained MGH Nurse Kimberly Grutt. "Be there for her the way they would be there for her."

      Nezami lived her life constantly volunteering. And, although her life's aspirations might have come to an end, her giving spirit continued with one final gesture: her family donated her organs.

      "Eight organs to save seven different people," stated MGH Hospital Supervisor Gail Brandly. "She also was a tissue donor so many, many, more lives will be affected as well."

      The nurses say it was an incredible last gift from a young woman filled with life. And now seven lucky people can continue living with a brighter future, thanks to Nezami.