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      Several concealed weapon licenses temporarily surrendered

      Seven Dickinson County residents have been asked to temporarily surrender their concealed weapon licenses, which comes after their Delta County instructor's certification was suspended.

      Those who received permits under this instructor will have their licenses temporarily put on hold. In Delta County, there have been instructional courses handled by the suspended individual since the county was notified on October 15.

      No license carriers in Delta County are impacted by this action, according to the Delta County Clerk.

      "Due to the fact that we had seven people affected in our county, we thought that we would contact them, see if they would be willing to come in and turn over their concealed weapon license to the clerks," said Dickinson County Sheriff, Scott Celello.

      An NRA instructor in Dickinson County has offered to retrain the seven people for free in order for them to receive back their licenses. The Delta County Clerk says they had about 1,500 concealed weapons permits issued in the last five years. None of those are under suspicion, and license holders in Delta County are not affected by this action.