4 / -9
      18 / -15
      31 / 18

      Several days of rain on the way

      Despite warm temperatures, there is still some lingering snow in parts of the U.P. This picture is from Negaunee Township, outside the Iron Ore Industry Museum.

      Sunday's rain seems to be postponed until Sunday night. As of Saturday, it was looking more likely that rain showers would be in the west by the afternoon, but now it will probably not be until Sunday night out west.

      Sunday's skies will still be mostly cloudy. Highs will be in the 70s mainly, but warmer inland toward Wisconsin, and cooler east toward Lake Michigan.

      Sunday night's lows will be very mild in the 50s. Rain showers should move in from the west in the evening and overnight. Rainfall may be heavy at times. It's all thanks to a low pressure system that will be sticking around for a few days. It's slow-moving, meaning it may cause some localized flooding.

      Sunday night's sky conditions are unfortunate. There is likely going to be a significant aurora event. If in the unlikely event you see something, please let us know!

      Monday will see the start of a cooling trend after a cold front passes. Highs will still be warm in the 60s. Rain is likely across the U.P. throughout the day. Thunderstorms are also possible, but are most likely in the central and western counties in the afternoon and evening.

      Monday night will see continued rain with lows around 50.

      Tuesday and Wednesday will also likely see more rain with this same system. Tuesday may see more thunderstorms as well. By Thursday, we should see clearer conditions possibly all the way through the next weekend as high pressure moves in. Temperatures will be a little below average for several days after Monday.

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