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      Sewer systems freezing during harsh winter

      The extreme winter weather has disrupted a lot of homes this year. Negative temperatures have been the cause of several water main breaks and freezing pipes in many neighborhoods.

      Sewer lines are also freezing as a result of the frost being so deep this winter.

      Swick Plumbing and Heating in Marquette says they've been busier than ever this season with close to 60 calls for help with frozen sewers.

      Swick professionals say running water continuously is one way to prevent your sewers from freezing.

      "Water sitting dormant in a sewer line will eventually freeze. At any given spot in our community, the frost is going to be six or seven feet at this point; on average other winters, three or four feet. Sewers that are seven feet underground are freezing whereas they never have before," said service technician, Shaun Simon.

      Technicians also recommend using sidewalk melt in some sewage system to keep ice from forming.

      Contact your local sewer utility company before using this method.