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      Shed the inches, not the calories

      It can be a struggle for many, especially when first starting out. For Monday's Facebook story, you wanted some tips on getting into shape. Some, we've heard before: get on a strict diet, hit the gym, eat this, don't eat that. Turns out, not everything you hear is true.

      Out with the artificial sugars and in with the starch. It's a secret many mistake as a myth. But if you plan on hitting the gym, you better start loading up on carbs.

      "Carbohydrate is the fuel source that is used for every single bit of activity that you engage in," said Sherri Rule, a registered dietitian at Marquette General Hospital.

      Rule says it's all about moderation, not restriction. Eating four or five meals per day is likely to shrink the waistline. Eating your first meal early in the day is crucial.

      "If you think about where it came from, breakfast breaks your fast from the night's sleep," Rule said. "You need to have food in your system in order to start your metabolism to work to its fullest potential."

      Facebook fan Ron Esquerra wrote, "It's all about nutrition first and foremost. If you don't feed your body properly, your workout efforts will largely be in vain."

      But couple the two and you get a recipe for weight loss. If you're not sure where to start, try pedaling on a stationary bike for about ten minutes. Experts say it's a really good way to get your heart rate up, and it really shows what your body can and can't handle."

      Breaking a sweat while walking just 15 minutes per day can lower the risk of chronic disease. But remember not to push yourself too hard.

      "I think people have to be realistic with starting, even walking in the door is a huge step for some people, just feeling comfortable," said YMCA's Senior Health and Wellness Leader Jenna Zdunek.

      And if you do need a little push, use the buddy system.

      "Group exercise classes are always great because it's a community of people, it's like a family, and you have the instructor motivating you," Zdunek said.

      One last thing. You know that weight scale in your home? Ditch it.

      You don't need to weigh yourself often. It's usually not about the weight, but the inches, that you take off when you get fit.