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      Shelter offers a chance to meet animals for the holidays

      You'll have a chance to tour the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter and see if you find the perfect pet for you with their upcoming open house this Saturday.

      The organization's annual open house gives customers the opportunity to come in and see all the animals they have to offer. They'll have discounted adoption rates as well as refreshments and snacks available.

      If you're thinking of bringing home a pet for the holidays, they do recommend you come in and visit the pets.

      "Meeting the pet is always the primary thing you want to have done, especially have the pet meet the whole family. Not everybody matches with a certain pet and not every pet matches every person, so it's good for everybody to meet, make sure you're on the same page," said UPAWS manager, Lareina Van Struen. "There are really just some nice animals in our shelter looking for a home for the holidays."

      The open house starts at noon on Saturday and goes until 7 p.m. Every pet adopted at the open house will get a special gift package.