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      She's 107 and still going strong!

      Itâ??s not very often you find someone who can say they were alive when women received the right to vote, when the Titanic sank, or when Penicillin was discovered. But Lucille Scott can.

      â??Iâ??ve had a very good life, everyone has been very kind,â?? Scott said.

      She was born in 1907; to give perspective, Teddy Roosevelt was president, and motion pictures hadn't even been invented yet. But Lucille said living back then was special.

      â??It was wonderful; in a lot of ways, better than it is now. Life didn't demand as much of a person as it does now,â?? Scott said.

      Except when it came to winter, she said winters were always like the current one we're dealing with now.

      â??Many a time I remember when I was a child, my dad coming to school to pick me up and putting me on his shoulders to walk home because the snow was deep,â?? Scott said.

      An avid bingo player, Lucille lives at Freeman Nursing and Rehabilitation in Kingsford, and those who work there say she is a joy to the community.

      â??Sheâ??s probably one of the few residents who are actually very independent,â?? said employee, Jennifer Rosenthal. â??107 years old; she's got a lot of stories to tell!â??

      Lucille also makes sure to share advice. When asked what she would say to millennials: â??The first thing; be honest at all times so that you never have to worry or apologize. Keep yourself out of mischief and you'll do ok,â?? Scott said.

      Advice thatâ??s clearly done very well for her.