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      Shipping season begins as first ore boat arrives

      Captain of the H Lee White receives the Key to the City in Marquette

      The season's first ore boat, the H. Lee White, made it to Marquette on Tuesday morning, marking the opening of Marquette's 2013 shipping season.

      The H. Lee White reached the LS&I Ore Dock at about 11 a.m. Tuesday morning. Once docked, it received a load of iron ore.

      Marquette Mayor Johnny DePetro presented the Key to the City to the ship's captain, Carlos Fossati. He says the trip was slowed down due to ice on Lake Superior.

      "The transit was good, but certainly slower than usual because we've got a lot of ice to contend with. About halfway out to Lake Superior, it clears right up until you get here to Marquette; the ice off of the breakwall here is tight. We almost came to a stop out there this morning," said Fossati.

      The H. Lee White was built in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. The ship is 704 feet long and made its first voyage back in 1974. It can carry up to 35,000 tons.