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      Ships return to Marquette

      As the ice slowly melts on Lake Superior, more ships are beginning to make their way across the lake. However, with a lot of ice continuing to cover the lake, itâ??s not easy to make it from point A to point B without the help of the Coast Guard.

      The Coast Guard just escorted a couple of ships from Duluth, Minnesota to Marquette. In order to make it through the ice it takes patience and persistence.

      "Be smart about it. Look for open water leads, drive around the big ice, don't try to fight it. It's starting to break up this time of the year, we're starting to see open water leads, paths of least resistance, we just drive around it,â?? said Kenny Pepper, Commanding Officer of the Morro Bay.

      Before a trip is made across the lake it is planned using the latest satellite images to help find those paths of least resistance.

      Problems with the ice have led the Coast Guard to bring in ships from other parts of the Great Lakes. For instance the Coast Guard Cutter Morro Bay is typically stationed in Cleveland.