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      Shop around before repairing your car

      Taking your car to a repair center for one issue and finding out you have a whole list can be discouraging.

      Facebooker, Bob Taylor, writes, "Just don't take the first opinion of the first mechanic. Talk to several of them, then decide."

      Rob Kivela, the Manager of Marquette Automotive, gives all their clients' estimates and explains what the problems are.

      "Categorize it safety first...anything that may cause harm to you or someone else on the road. We can even kind of rate them as severe and kind of list them down in sequence," Kivela said.

      If you're leary about the condition of the part, ask them to see it and then compare it to a new part.

      Seeing what the issue is gives you more confidence as to why your car needs the service. So don't be afraid to ask them to prove why it needs to be repaired.

      Facebooker Michael Vrooman writes, "Regular maintenance and inspection is the key to keep repairs and costs minimum."

      Jerry Bugni teaches a basic automotive repair course at NMU that teaches the different mechanisms of a car and how to maintain it.

      "How to change your oil or perform a service, do it yourself. Obviously you're saving labor rates...maybe saving some money on the cost of parts. Repair facilities need to make money," Bugni said.