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      Shoppers hit the stores the day after Christmas

      Christmas may be over, but the holiday shopping is still continuing in full throttle on Wednesday.

      The day after Christmas is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, with many retail stores rolling out after holiday sales. Retail employees say that many shoppers are eager to get their hands on post-Christmas bargains.

      "We carry lots of seasonal merchandise and when we opened today, there were people waiting to shop our sales," said Steve Roell of Presents of Mine. "We always have half-off at the end of the season and people anticipate it look forward to it and they were here ready to shop this morning."

      Many stores in Iron Mountain have had a high number of residents browsing and buying merchandise throughout the day. Employees say the day after Christmas is also a popular shopping day because many people are returning unwanted presents or spending money and gift cards they received as gifts.