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      Should school start later in the day?

      Could a later school day result in better performance by students? United States Education Secretary Arne Duncan says yes.

      Duncan believes more sleep would enable teens to learn more and help students get the most from class time. The Start School Later advocacy group says 27 school districts that are already implementing the practice have seen increased attendance and better grades.

      "I do understand that a later start time might be beneficial," said NICE Schools Superintendent Brian DeAugustine. "One thing that worries me though is I think the state should leave those decisions up to the local districts so we can set our own schedule when our bells ring and when our kids report to class, because I do think it's what works best for a local district."

      WebMD says studies show sleep deprivation significantly impairs the brain's control system, which helps people organize, prioritize, and focus on tasks.

      The official pushing for the change says "common sense" tells him teenagers are struggling to wake up early and make it to the buses.