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      Should there be armed teachers in school?

      The gun control debate in the U.S. Senate is not over, even though bipartisan talks have begun. This is just after the NRA released a report that called for armed officers and even armed teachers in every American school.

      This has some a little concerned.

      Bonnie Greenleaf works at the Iron Mountain High School and is also a mother of two school-aged children.

      â??As an employee of the school district, I think that an armed officer in the school system would be fine,â?? explains Greenleaf. â??Itâ??s someone who's trained."

      But when it comes to teachers having guns, she has a bit more concern.

      â??I would be more cautious with teachers having weapons, simply because teachers have been trained to teach, and I think in a high stress situation, we don't know how they would react,â?? she explains. â??Theyâ??ve never been tested in that, but I also think it depends on the person."

      The safety of children in the schools is clearly the top priority, but the next step has to be proper training.

      This is where NRA instructor Tony Erickson comes into the picture.

      "This isn't something we're going to give away to everybody,â?? explains Erickson. â??I don't agree with that."

      He and other NRA-certified instructors offer gun safety and training classes, often free for teachers.

      â??We're training them not only with the proper mindset, but also to a level of proficiency,â?? Erickson explains.

      He supports the idea of trained and armed faculty, but he also makes it very clear that this doesn't mean every teacher should have a gun.

      â??The beauty of concealed carry is you don't know who has the gun. More importantly, if you don't know who has it, you're not going to think of a way to take it from them,â?? he explains.

      He also mentions that training should be very difficult.

      â??If they can't shoot in a place where my children might be the backstop, Iâ??m not going to allow them to carry in someone else's area where their kids are the backstop,â?? he adds.

      But if there is one thing both sides can agree on, itâ??s that safety comes first.