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      Shrek the Musical comes to Kaufman Auditorium

      Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and the whole gang were present at Kaufman Auditorium for a special preview of "Shrek the Musical" on Wednesday morning.

      The Marquette Senior High School Theatre Production Department have worked hard since September to make the grumpy ogre and the medieval, swamp fairytale come to life.

      "It was really difficult because you have the Scottish accent and everything. I just watched the movie a lot and watched different performances of it on the stage," said Chase Wilkinson.

      During a preview performance of Shrek, a few elementary students got a small sampling of what audiences can expect when they come out to the family fun show.

      The storyline of the wildly popular, box office hit stays the same throughout the musical, but bringing the characters to the stage will capture audiences all over again.

      "The music was delightful. It's a fairly new musical, not well known, although it's being performed many more times now all over the country. It's fairly new to audiences, so it'll be a surprise for folks," said Laura Kagy.

      While the comedy will surely titillate viewers, there's also a positive message behind the laughter.

      Shrek the Musical will be open to the public November 7-9 at 7 p.m. in Kaufman Auditorium.

      Tickets may be purchased at all NMU ticket outlets.