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      Shrine Circus takes extra precaution after Ringling circus accident

      The Shrine Circus made its way to Ironwood Monday evening. After a Ringling Brothers Circus incident where an aerial apparatus malfunctioned injuring nine performers, the Shrine Circus is taking extra precautions.

      Performers say there will be many acrobatic stunts in the shrine circus performance.

      They say each performer is part of the setup process, ensuring rigging and safety gear are correctly assembled. They say they put their lives on the line each day, as do all circus performers.

      One aerialist says no matter how many times you double check safety equipment, sometimes accidents unfortunately happen.

      â??Sometimes you can put safeties, more safeties, and for some reason, something that you never expected is going to break, breaks,â?? said aerialist, Claudia Alvarado. â??Things that you can't explain, things that maybe you can do something about it, but it's hard to tell what could happen.â??

      The circus performs again in Ironwood's Pat O'Donnell Civic Center Monday night at 7:30.