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      Shriners host free orthopedic screening

      Some parents took advantage of the free Pediatric Orthopedic screening put on recently by the Shriners Hospitals For Children.

      Darrin Bosquhl took his daughter Kwynn. "From an early age my daughter has had knee problems. Her knees are always sore and she's a little bit pigeon-toed. So, we went to a few specialists to see what the problem is to see why she's having knee pain. Nothing has really helped so we came today to see if there's something actually wrong," said Darrin Bosquhl. The screening is a way for concerned parents to speak with a professional from the Shriners Hospitals for Children from the Twin cities to see if their child does indeed have an orthopedic condition in need of care.

      It's all done via Skype and the screenings look at conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Brittle bone disease, conditions of the bones, muscles or joints. "We meet with families who are not sure if they need to come to the hospital because their child's feet are turned in. We call that in toeing, bow legged, flat feet. Those are generally the most common things we screen for at a screening clinic," said Erin Jurkovich.

      During the screenings parents are asked a variety of questions related to the child's condition.If the screener concludes that the kid would benefit from seeing a specialist at their hospital the Shriners jump in to help. "We make sure that the children get to the hospital. We help with the transportation costs and we also pay for the lodging," said Roger Juntunen. On average the Shriners help around 340 kids each year.

      As for Kwynn she will be seeing a specialist for her knees and feet. "The doctors are far away we're kind of conferencing over the internet, and they're really helpful, they gave us some good advice, and hopefully it will help," Bosquhl said.