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      Sign explains tips to prevent dog bites

      An awareness sign for dog bite prevention was put up on Monday in Ludington Park in Escanaba after it was approved by city council.

      The sign shows the basics of what will happen before a dog will bite. Penny Rounce is the initiator for the project, and she says the sign is the first one going up in the US, with two more ordered for Colorado.

      Rounce says she hopes the sign will help keep the public safe.

      "A dog bite is a last warning of a dog saying, enough's enough. Get away from me," said Rounce. "And there are so many signs that a dog will tell you before an actual dog bite will happen that people just don't know."

      The sign was placed in the park because there's a possibility that people may run across stray dogs in the big outdoor area.

      Escanaba officials reported that as of August there have been 17 dog bites reported in the area. The Center for Disease Control says that 100 percent of dog bites are preventable.