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      Significant reduction in doe deer tags

      Saturday was the first day of the Wisconsin Deer Season.

      A check station in Florence County had a decent number of bucks being brought in. And, while it's a nice trophy, it was the only option available for many hunters.

      The Department of Natural Resources lowered the number of permits for does this season due to a drop in deer population. This year Northern Wisconsin units have none, or limited, antlerless deer permits in an effort to increase the population.

      Josh Martinez a DNR wildlife biologist says in unit 40, where he performed checks Saturday, deer population is down 17 percent.

      "We were issuing last year approximately 1600 tags of antlerless deer within this area now this year we're issuing only about 350 tags," said Martinez.

      And, while unit 40 reduced doe tags buy nearly 75 percent there are other ares, like unit 39, whose population is so low not a single permit was sold for this season.

      "I saw less deer this year than last year," stated one hunter at the deer check. "Last year I saw more deer this year this is the only buck I saw."

      DNR officials believe with the proper monitoring and strict limitations could help the population rebound and make a recovery.