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      Singing songs of Finland

      The Heikinpaiva Finnish Hymn Sing took place on Sunday afternoon in Hancock.

      The hymn sing featured traditional Finnish hymns as well as the English versions. Special appearances were made by the Michigan Tech Chamber Choir and Heikki Maenpaa.

      Maenpaa is in the Copper Country from Finland to celebrate Heikinpaiva as well as to help with preparations for Finnfest 2013. Maenpaa played the saw, a guitar, and a kantele at the hymn sing.

      He says being in the Copper Country reminds him of being at home.

      "I've been here two days now, and I've heard much more history of my own nation, the Finnish history, and this area," said Maenpaa. "So I hope it's not a once-in-a-lifetime, but up to now it's been like once-in-a-lifetime feelings."

      The next Heikinpaiva event will be a lecture on Heikki Lunta and a wine-tasting Thursday night.

      For a more complete list of Heikinpaiva events, visit the official Heikinpaiva website, www.pasty.com/heikki.