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      Singing students need donations for NYC trip

      Bryce Genovese (L) David Bashaw (M) Martinus Gray (R)

      A singing group made up of former and current Marquette Senior High School students are asking the public for help.

      They are auditioning on May 18 in New York City for NBC's "The Sing Off" but the group needs help getting there.

      They have already raised $2,500 but they need to double that amount to get to New York.

      The singing quartet goes by the name The Fingerprints because each group member has their own unique style and they say you will not find another singing group like them.

      "In our community, to have someone or something go on national television and represent this town and let people know that the Upper Peninsula has talent. It's not just a freak show when we're down there, there's talent up here and we want to prove to people that we can do this," said David Bashaw, singer.

      The group has been together for a year and if they make it on the show, they hope to learn more about the music industry and how to become better performers.

      If you are interested in helping this group, you can donate to The Fingerprints Fund. The fund is set up at the U.P. Catholic Credit Union's in Marquette and Negaunee.