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      Sisters to compete in weight-lifting national championship

      Some sisters play with dolls to bond in their spare time. The Swajenen sisters lift weights.

      Hannah, 14 and Gabby, 11 are both small in frame, but fierce in competition.

      They both started weightlifting to improve in other sports like soccer, gymnastics and hockey, but there were obstacles to overcome.

      "I was kind of nervous because our first meet was just at the PEIF and it wasn't that big" says Hannah.

      After successfully competing at the Spartan Open Weight-lifting meet, this duo has built the muscle and confidence to accomplish new goals to become the best and win nationals.

      When it comes to being the best, Hannah and Gabby's coach, says they're naturals, but it's their determination that will get them there.

      "Hannah's lifting five times a week, Gabby's lifting three times a week and they just have great natural athletic ability" says coach Vanessa McCoy of Peak Gymnastics and Fitness in Marquette.

      Coach McCoy also credits the girls' mental strength and passion for their success.

      "I come in everyday excited to work with them because I see the fire that they have" adds McCoy.

      Both honor roll students, the girls bring that same fire in all areas of their lives, but the sisters, give each other the credit for their competitive edge.

      "I kind of want to do better than her. We kind of want to do better than each other" says Gabby.

      Meanwhile, Hannah is trying to keep her kid sister at bay.

      "I don't want Gabby to catch up to me" adds Hannah.

      The Youth National Championships will be in Daytona Beach, FL this June.