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      Sit, stay, good boy

      If you're looking to properly train your dog, experts from the Animal Inn in Sands Township are holding weekly classes. They have spots available for dogs of all ages. The classes meet twice a week and focus on all areas of canine behavior. Trainers say some of the most important aspects of dog obedience are social interactions with other dogs and people.

      "What people don't realize is dogs love to train. They're very black and white, and they like the social aspect of spending time with you and making you happy. Dogs want to please you, so by doing obedience classes, you're developing that bond," said trainer for the Animal Inn, Tracey Skibo.

      The trainers have been working with dogs for a combined 50 years. They say it's never to late to teach your dog obedience, but sometimes you have to undo prior training. For more information on the Animal Inn, click here.