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      Skandia Days celebrates 36 years

      The 36th Anuual Skandia Days Festival kicked off Saturday.

      After a parade which began at 11 a.m., festivities were held at the Skandia Township Hall.

      The event was co-hosted by the Skandia Lions Club and the Skandia West Branch Fire Department.

      According to event personnel, this year's festival was bigger and better than any before it, with many traditional fun family activities and one very unusual game of bingo involving chickens that you had to see to believe.

      "Well, they have a board with a bunch of numbers on it. And they sell paddles to the customers and then they let a chicken go, a young chicken go onto the board and wherever he happens to drop his first load, what number he drops on is the winner." said Skandia Lions Club president Ron Stenfors.

      The event ran until 6 p.m. Stenfors estimated that around 500 people attended the event.