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      Skate Park Plaza to be open within 2 months!

      The Marquette Community has taken another step in a positive direction with the near completion of a skate park plaza.

      Volunteers on the job say the new skate park will be completed within the next sixty days.

      It's a $300,000 project, with many businesses donating time and materials to make the park possible.

      Numerous organizations and individuals have also donated funds in kind for the park's assembly.

      The finished product will have a low and various landscape, which goes well with all types of skate boards and in-line skates.

      "Well, we're actually doing very very well, now we're getting ready to put the last concrete down, which is almost one of the most final things we have to do. It's been a 7 or 8 year project, an awful lot of long volunteer hours, kids from Northern, we've had a lot volunteers, people actually doing the work," said volunteer Stu Bradley.

      Once the park is completed, it will become an official city park of Marquette, which means it's free to the public during park hours to use at their leisure.